Artist Statement 



I am a mixed media artist with a background in painting and textile

art. I respond most immediately to materiality. My work frequently

remains open-ended; a continuous, unresolved conversation between the

making process and the viewer. I investigate multiple outcomes such as

costume and textile artifacts. Often pieces may appear finished for years

but can then be re-examined or repurposed into new artworks.


I work with natural fibers including wool, hessian and calico;

preferring to maintain the integrity and honesty of the materials in their

raw states. Print is used to convey ideas quickly before returning to edit

and rework the initial concept. I draw inspiration from the primal,

expression and immediacy of painting and translate these qualities into

more considered textile outcomes.


When initiating a project I surround myself in reference material

from which to draw inspiration, both visual and textual. This environment

allows me absorb the information on a subconscious level. Recently my

work has become more personal, taking influence from both my

environment and family history, while still maintaining a predilection for

colour and texture.



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