This collaboration project is a conceptual performance piece brought together by 4 art forms; music, costume, dance and video. Our concept began by looking at our familial and geographical connections to the sea and has evolved into an exploration of the fishing industry and the hundreds of fishermen who have lost their lives at sea. 

For our research we travelled to my Dad’s home town of Grimsby, a small fishing village on the  North/East coast of England. Up until the 1970’s Cod Wars (the war for territorial waters between Iceland and the United Kingdom), Grimsby was a thriving fishing port whose population depended wholly on the Industry. Men would learn the run of the trawlers and how to fish from a young age and women would weave the miles of fishing nets needed. Scores of trawlers braved mountainous waves, hurricane-force winds and worst of all, ice, in order to feed the voracious appetite of a nation raised on fish and chips.


Every trawler had its own story of drama, high seas, tragedy and loss. Voyages to the Arctic Circle usually would last up to 21 days, during which times many of fishermen lost their lives in the inhospitable but lucrative Arctic seas.The basis of our performance piece is to capture the last moments of a fisherman’s tale as he is engulfed by the sea and swept ‘out with the tide’.

Interaction 2016

Out with the Tide