A whirling dervish is a member of a Turkish order of dervishes, or Sufis, whose ritual consists in part of a highly stylised whirling dance. The spinning movements begin slowly and gradually gather momentum, until the whirling dervish are spinning at a high frenzied speed.

They believe by using the motion of spinning one can reach a state of nirvana and spiritual fulfilment.

I believe that one can reach that same level of spiritual fulfilment by standing still amongst nature. In our society filled with frenzied movement it is a spiritual experience to surround yourself by the slow and steadied paces of nature. 

The positive space of the image and the negative space of the surrounding image is set to highlight the juxtaposition of these two apposing searches for spiritual fulfilment.

These drawings were made during a 3 week trip down to Shannon Bridge on my barge. Most of the wild life and fauna captured in these drawings are depictions of the nature I was seeing on route down the beautiful Grand Canal.


Sculpture in Context 2017

The Space In-between